Sustainable biomass for use in chemical products and plastics

The demand for products on the basis of renewable raw materials is increasing. This connects into a broader development with respect to a circular economy. But how can you guarantee that these chemical products and plastics are actually made from renewable raw materials that have been produced and processed in a sustainable manner? This requires unambiguous criteria. In addition, the product chains for chemical products and plastics are long and involve many links. Within the production of chemical products and plastics, the various process steps involve multiple raw materials and semi-manufactured products being processed into sometimes very complex end products. How can certified biomass be traced within the chain and which product claims can be applied?

The partners in Green Deal Green Certificates have developed a method whereby companies in the production chain can demonstrate that they are processing sustainable biomass in a transparent manner. Buyers can then be sure that these plastics and chemical products are contributing towards the sustainable transition from fossil to renewable raw materials.

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