The fully renewable beverage carton

With the introduction of Tetra Rex® Bio-based packaging in early 2015, Tetra Pak launched a globally unique product, namely the first cardboard beverage carton completely manufactured from paperboard and plastics derived from plants As a result, not only can the availability of raw materials in the future be ensured, but also the impact on the environment will be reduced. This unique beverage packaging is made up of various layers. At least three quarters consists of FSC®-certified paper. There are also two thin plastic layers, which are both of plant origin. They are made of sugar cane. This is also the case for the cap. Vecozuivel, a dairy company located in the province of Flevoland, was the first to introduce the Tetra Rex® Bio-based packaging.
“The use of renewable raw materials not only ensures the availability of raw materials in the future, but also reduces the impact on the environment.”

FSC®-certified paper

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international organisation dedicated to the worldwide conservation of forests and sustainable forest management, which takes into account the ecological, social and economic aspects of forest management. This ensures the continued existence of the forests. You can recognise this by the FSC logo on the packaging.

Sugar cane as a source for plastic

A raw material of plant origin has also been chosen for the production of plastic, namely sugar cane. The Brazilian producer Braskem uses this as the basis for the production of its registered polyethylene brand, I’m green®. Sugar cane juice is used for the production of bio-ethanol. Bio-ethanol is then converted to bio-ethylene, which in turn is transformed into I’m green® polyethylene.

Guaranteed traceability, social and ecological aspects

The production of plastic based on renewable feedstock and the collaboration with Braskem has a significant advantage for the consumer. This working method is the only way to guarantee that all packaging is produced entirely using renewable raw materials which are also managed responsibly. It is an important guarantee that we want to give to the consumer.

Braskem imposes a code of conduct on suppliers. The code sets out specific rules governing the social and ecological aspects of growing sugar cane and producing bio-ethanol.

Braskem is also certified by Bonsucro, an independent non-profit organisation that oversees the sustainable management of the sugar cane sector. Finally, both Braskem and Tetra Pak have been awarded the 4-star ‘OK Biobased’ certificate from Vinçotte, respectively for I’m green® polyethylene and the Tetra Rex Bio-based packaging. This is a certification system that ascertains the origin of the products in a uniform and reproducible way and provides a maximum guarantee that the specific packaging is made entirely of plastic from renewable raw materials.


Veco verpakking 3D rechterzijdeBy choosing Tetra Rex® Bio-based packaging from Tetra Pak, Vecozuivel is achieving a CO2 reduction of up to 35% compared to a standard beverage carton for refrigerated dairy products. After all, renewable plant materials grow back and in doing so absorb CO2 from the environment, which in turn greatly reduces the impact on the environment. In addition, the beverage cartons can be fully recycled after use, which adds to the environmental benefits, because the valuable base materials (cardboard and plastic) can be used again as raw materials, such as in the paper or construction industry.

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