Claims may be provided with products. A claim is a proven assertion regarding the properties of a product. When using biomass as a raw material for chemical products and plastics, a distinction can be made between business-to-business communication and a claim that appears on an end-product that will be bought by a consumer.

Business to business

In most cases, the certification scheme that is used will incorporate requirements on the information and claim that can be communicated. These requirements usually depend on the chain of custody applied.

Claim on consumer product

The end producer of the product is the link in the chain that might not always be certified itself. The end producer could, for example, be a foodstuffs producer that buys plastic packaging from a company that is certified for producing packaging based on biomass. The requirements of the certification scheme no longer apply to this producer. Nevertheless, the Green Deal Green Certificates very much value uniform communication with consumers. That is why the Green Deal Green Certificates apply the guidelines below with respect to claims.


Type Chain of custody Claim
100% biobased identity preserved, physical segregation biobased product
Partly biobased mass balance, allocation %-based x % biobased (physically measurable %)
Partly biobased mass balance, allocation based on calculation, not related to physically measurable % biobased process claim: contributes to the replacement of non-renewable resources by sustainable, renewable resources
Only certificate book & claim process claim: contributes to the production of sustainable, renewable raw materials

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