Recognised certification schemes

The Green Deal Green Certificates works with existing certification schemes for biomass. The certification schemes that currently fulfil the sustainability criteria for biomass and the quality criteria for the schemes themselves are:

Rainforest Alliance (SAN)
RedCert (only in Europe)
Better Biomass

Recognising certification schemes

A certification scheme for applying biomass in chemical products and plastics can be recognised by Green Deal Green Certificates if it can be demonstrated, on the basis of a benchmark, that the required sustainability and quality criteria are fulfilled. Recognition has so far taken place by means of a benchmark in the context of the INRO project.

The Green Deal Green certificates invite all certification schemes to conduct a self-assessment on the basis of sustainability criteria and quality criteria. If a certification scheme is fulfilling the minimum criteria or is endeavouring to fulfil this within a fixed period, contact can be made with the Green Deal Green Certificates.

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